Welcome Back!

Alright, alright, once again it is time to confess that I am a terrible blogger and really need to refocus my attention here to keep you up to date on what the heck I am doing, who I am working with, and what wonderful venues I’ve been shooting at. So what the heck have I been up to while not posting regularly?


Well, a whole bunch! Shooting lots and lots of weddings, for sure. Still shooting the occasional story for the Inquirer. Running a ton. Learning to knit. Raising two kids. Trying to get through Middlemarch, which is a fantastic book, by the way. Learning to wrtie web code. Grocery shopping…I’m sure many of you know the deal.

So this post is just to remind you that I am still here, still alive, still taking great photographs of great couples at great weddings. In the coming week or so I’ll get back to posting weddings, and I want to share a bit of news about changes to my business and pricing that will make it simpler for us to connect and get you a wedding collection that you’ll love.

In the meantime, my most active social media outlet right now is Instagram. Head on over there and check out what I have been up to, weddings, running, kids, crafts, and all.

See you in a bit with more info!



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