Congratulations, Keith and Albert! {University of Pennsylvania Wedding Photography}


A mutual friend–ok, technically my boss at the time–referred Albert to me. It turns out that he had been just over there, at work, for some time. He was working as a copy editor at The Philadelphia Daily News while I was doing my internship there. But since he moved in the words-world, and I was usually out and about on photography assignments, we had never had occasion to meet.

Good thing that we eventually did. Albert and Keith put on a wedding that balanced the height of elegance with the kind of back-slapping, hugs and kisses affair that makes you forget that the reception is happening amidst priceless artifacts of antiquity (note to other photographers: yes, the Penn Museum checks to see if you have insurance. Yes, you will really really see the value of a general liability policy if you ever shoot there).

This wedding was just shortly after Pennsylvania came to its senses and stopped enforcing its ban on same-sex marriages. Albert and Keith having been together for a long time, the emotional reaction was as predictable as it was touching: a sense of “Finally!”, and sense of “This is right!”, a sense of “It is as it should be.” It was a wedding of deep gratitude, love, community, and sharing.

Shot mostly on film, as weddings should be!

But seriously! The reception!



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