Amanda + Chris! {Philadelphia Wedding Photography on Film at Awbury Arboretum}

Have I complained before about how rainy the spring was? So I was very much in the mood for a meteorological win when June 14 rolled around, and with it, the wedding of Amanda and Chris. Amanda comes from a fantastic family…in fact, if you are a fan of my Facebook page, you might want to know that Amanda’s sister currently graces the cover photo. I first met Amanda, as a matter of fact, when she and her mom met with me about photographing Hannah’s wedding, since Hannah was out of town.

It is so great to return to a family that you know is good people and have the privilege of documenting another wedding. So much about wedding photography depends on the relationship the photographer has with the people, and with Amanda’s family, I knew it was going to go well.

We did a walk-through of the venue back in April, and Amanda made this request of the weather: “I want it to rain for three days straight so there is water in the pond, and then be 75 degrees and low humidity.” Boom. And it happened!

We were blessed with a gorgeous day. We had two great families, a laid-back, slightly-vintage wedding, and snazzy, low-key venue…all the ingredients for a top-5 wedding.

Congratulations to Amanda and Chris!

Huge thanks go to Kate Harron of Love and Lollipops who coordinated. Call her. Seriously. You want to work with her.

Venue: Awbury Arboretum

And thanks to Fine Art Film Lab for developing and scanning most of the film.

My only regret is that there are no more Meiers children to have weddings.



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