To Fill The Abyss’ Void With Emptiness

A colleague recently asked in a Facebook group what other photographers do to stay fresh and to continue enjoying photography. Wedding after wedding after wedding can become a bit of a grind, portrait session after portrait session after portrait session can become a bit of a grind. It is what anyone who does the same thing over and over again has to come to terms with, whether in photography or in another profession or area of interest.

My answer: personal work. Photography that is not taken to practice my wedding or portrait skills, not taken to practice the skills I deliver to couples and families, just work that is about exploring the camera, photography, myself, and the connection between these three things and my environments. Personal work.

I have for the last several months been working semi-privately on a tumblr of personal work, and today I posted the 100th image. I think it is time to tell people about it. It is a loosely curated collection of images that have been taken mostly in the last two years, and that represent how I continue to explore everything that photography can be.

I’ll be working to make prints available in the next week or so, and of course I will continue to update with work.

Here’s the link:

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