Erin and Marc, Part II: Bleep. {Gilbertsville, PA Wedding Photography}

I’ll say it again: I loved how expressive Erin and Marc were. From the moment I first met them for their engagement shoot…from the first ten exposures I took on that ridiculously steamy mid-summer evening, I could see that they were golden, the kind of couple that I didn’t need to direct at all, who were just so comfortable being themselves and being in love together.

I love it when couples can just let that come right out. It hints at a kind of emotional honesty that I admire, that makes me want to be a better spouse, too. Which brings us to the first look. I can’t remember who said what, exactly, but I know it went something like this when Erin and Marc saw each other for the first time on their wedding day:

Erin: “$%@#!”

Marc: “&$*@!”

In context, it really was very touching. And honest. And so them.










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