The Most Expressive Couple: Erin and Marc {Gilbertsville, PA Wedding Photography}

I try to avoid saying things about images that the images say better themselves. So what can I say about Erin and Marc? We wedding photographers pass our days hoping and praying that every couple will pour out half of the emotion that I saw on Erin and Marc’s wedding day. I loved every minute of how expressive and ever-changing Erin’s face is, and Marc, despite being a rock-solid straight-man for about 85% of the time, also chipped in with his share of expressions and emotional moments. This was such a great couple that it pained me to have to be with only one of them for the pre-ceremony part of the day.

La Massaria at Bella Vista was a wonderful location…what a room (you’ll see that in later posts), and a great staff to work with.

But listen to me go on. Here are some images from the first part of the day.









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