Najah and Quincy! {Philadelphia Museum of Art Wedding Photography}

Congratulations to Najah and Quincy! This short and sweet wedding ceremony and portrait session took us from the Mercury Pavilion, behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art, down to Love Park in Center City. I love watching the pre-wedding tension fall away as rings and vows are exchanged, and then just being with a couple that first hour after the ceremony, as the emotion are still so fresh and the idea of what and who they have just committed themselves to is starting to gain traction. Najah and Quincy were right up this alley.

So a quick question: how much time to do you need to get good wedding photography?

The answer is about 1/125 of a second. Sure, I always love unbounded periods of time to work with couples, but the fact is, that time is sort of like film: I actually enjoy the boundary of knowing that I have to work efficiently, that I can’t just shoot and shoot and shoot. I like the little bit of pressure involved in having to fit portraits into twenty or thirty minutes. It means I have to know what I want to shoot, and that I have to communicate that clearly to the couple. I can’t spend a whole bunch of time finding an interesting background to prop up an otherwise uninteresting pose or exposure; I have to focus on the couple and the relationship, and gesture, and expression. All the things that matter. When you are forced to play within the rules, you get better, because you have to pay better attention.

Give me beautiful light and a couple of constraints, and I am a happy man. Add in a beautiful couple, and it’s about as good as it gets.

All images shot on a Bronica ETR-Si and Kodak Portra 160 film

SBW-16 SBW-20 01600013 01600012-Edit SBW-122 SBW-121 SBW-131 SBW-138 SBW-190



    • Thanks for the kind words! I loved Najah’s dress, and her tattoo! Laid-back couples are so much fun to work with. They go with the flow, love you because you are there, and everything is so relaxed. Which means better pictures, even in a small amount of time.

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