Congratulations Jeanette and Brian!

Jeanette and Brian’s wonderfully beautiful wedding is solid proof that you should never think that Plan C would be any worse than Plans A and B. After all, this was not where the wedding was supposed to be. It was supposed to be outside in the Azalea Garden. But there was a change of officiants, and there was a change of weather, and since outdoor weddings aren’t so great when it is grey and drizzly and the ground is soaked, we ended up at Philadelphia Wedding Chapel, with With This Ring’s Stacey Thomas presiding.




I’m such a sucker for a beautiful room. Brides are always beautiful, and no doubt that Jeanette brung it in the best of fashion (I especially appreciated that her hair didn’t look as if it had been shellacked, and that her jewelry was simple and elegant); I think that wearing a gown just brings out the best in how a bride carries herself. But a brilliant room makes such a difference, so if you are reading this, and you are looking for a place to get married, please consider a place that has lots of brick and gigantic windows. Or some other amazing, visually interesting venue. Preferably with gigantic windows.



So there was a bit of planning drama during the week running up to the wedding, but always remember: at the end of the day, you are going to be married, and it is the little hiccups during the day, such as the flower girls fleeing the scene, or the weather driving you inside to a really wonderful ceremony space, that can often stand out as the highlights.




And Jeanette and Brian were yet another wonderful, laid-back, easy-going couple. Favorite moment of the day: Brian was getting a bit itchy with all the family group shots, so when it came time to photograph just him, Jeanette, and their two girls, he just laid down on the floor, assumed his parental duties as a portable jungle gym, and we had a few minutes of ridiculousness and ludicrosity rolling around on the floor. I ended up on my stomach, and we got a few really good shots. The quality of wedding photography can really come down to how expressive the couple is, and these two were great in that regard.KRW-178



All the best to Jeanette and Brian!



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