Jason and Meredith {Philadelphia Engagement Session}

On the subject of weddings am eagerly anticipating, I give you Jason and Meredith. As it turns out, they used to live just a few miles from where I grew up in Connecticut. Even better, though, is that they are a couple who are savvy about photography. By that, I mean that they can clearly articulate stylistic ideas that they are interested in, and that really helps me as a photographer meet, and hopefully exceed, their expectations. Case in point: Meredith mentioned that she has a thing for Instagrammy, crossed-processy-looking images, and requested that a few images be presented that way. Excellent! And since that look is essentially expired film, cross-processed, I was able to do just that. I’m looking forward to shooting some of their wedding on a Holga with expired slide film, just to delve even deeper into the style.

We traipsed around the Wissahickon and the near neighborhood, then ended up on Main Street for a beer. If engagement sessions are a good way for a couple and a photographer to get used to working together, then I think we are off to a solid start.



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