Congratulations Amanda and John! (from the Instant Archive…) {Philadelphia Wedding Photography}

Big congratulations ( and an extra word of thanks for patience) go out to Amanda and John, who were married on one of the more recent, but not necessarily the most recent New Year’s Eve. Sometimes I get to working and a wedding falls through the blog cracks, and this was one of them.

Which is a real shame, because this was quite the wedding. Amanda and John are exactly the kind of couple that I love working with…fans of the local brew pub (Dock Street), smart, funny, fun, laid back. And the Merion Tribute House is a fantastic, intimate venue that is almost within walking distance of my house. Well, anywhere is walking distance if you have the time, but….one of my favorite shots from the day is Amanda standing in a hallway in the basement, next to a row of past bridal portraits. I love how it sets her up as the next in line of a long tradition at the venue.

Amanda and John requested that I stick around until the ball dropped, so I was happy to ring in the New Year (which year I’m still going to refuse to say) with a room full of people wearing silly hats and already in the throes of some serious celebrating.













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