First, a pile of detail shots, ‘cuz there were a bunch I liked.

Provia 100

This is not sarcasm; it’s verbal irony.100 TMax

One last post for Bonnie and Joe, because I really appreciated all of the thought, effort, and time that went into the details of their wedding celebration. The place cards? hand-painted onto thin slices of wood. The table markers? Hand-painted again. The card and gift box? Bonnie’s stable from when she was a kid. The favors? Homemade preserves from hand-picked fruit. Think about that for a second, and the amount of forethought that went into how these two said thank-you to everyone who showed up. The day was filled with little poignant touches.

And from my perspective, I am appreciative that Bonnie and Joe shared these stories with me before the day. I would have shot the details anyway, but knowing that there was a real story behind the little things made everything that much more impressive and beautiful.

All the vendors stepped up big, too:

Venue: Freidman Farms

Catering: Constantino’s

Cake: Frosted Bake Shoppe


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