The McCalpins {Philadelphia Wedding Photography}

Big congrats to the McCalpins, who were married in a small ceremony on Lemon Hill, overlooking Boathouse Row, during the last week of July. This was an unusual gig for me, lasting just an hour and being very streamlined in terms of what I had to cover: a short civil ceremony, a very small amount of guests, and a short portrait session. It stayed cloudy, cool, and breezy for much of the day, but once the sun came out…boy howdy!

Bronica SQ, Portra 160

Bronica SQ, Portra 160

I’ve spoken before about how shooting film puts logistical constraints on the way one shoots. That is, with only twelve shots on the roll, and five rolls in the box, the photographer can’t simply click away ad infinitum. This results in a quicker shoot and a quicker editing process.

I found the same to be true with an abbreviated time span. A little bit of time to chat with and get to know the couple, and then right to shooting. A few shots of this pose, and a couple of that, and then we moved on to the next thing. Streamlined, quick, and a great challenge.

Bronica SQ, Portra 160

I know some photographers (and I’ve dealt with the files of other photographers) who start shooting, and then keep shooting until the moment happens. This results in not only lots of files, but lots of files of the same thing. Which is a drag in post-production. With a short time span and a limited supply of film (I guess all supplies of film are limited, when you get right down to it), the photographer has to focus much more on being discerning in what is shot. You don’t shoot while you wait…you facilitate a scene, a mood, a pose, an idea, and if you know how to do it well, then the shot presents itself almost immediately. Three clicks, and you know you have it. How do you know without checking the LCD screen? Because you know.

Bronica SQ, Portra 160

Bronica SQ, Portra 160


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