Shoot Fewer Frames and Commit to Them.

Bronica SQ; Kodak Portra 160


Bronica SQ; Kodak Portra 160


Bronica SQ; Kodak Portra 160


A few more today from Kathleen and Sam. The above images were taken in medium format, with Kodak Portra 160.

About a year ago, as I was batting around in my head whether I wanted to commit to shooting more with film, I had a bad experience with Portra, and decided that I didn’t particularly care for it…it’s not a film that I fell in love with right off the bat, as I did with E100G or Ilford Delta 3200. But, one must face reality every once in awhile, and after seeing some really amazing images from some really amazing photographers using all of the Portra films, I decided it was time to go back. Turns out, whatever happened back in time to make me not like it was my fault, and not the film’s. Portra is great stuff.

One thing I love a out film is how few frames I end up shooting, which ends up making the culling and editing process much easier. I just had an interview with an editing company, and they had me a cull an engagement shoot down from 665 images. 665! From two locations! More of that cull was supposed to happen in the photographer’s head. I love shooting one roll of 120…12 shots, and we’re done, no matter what. It goes back to something I saw in a graphic joking about photographers’ actual image quality v. perceived image quality: one of the hallmarks of a good photographer is “one exposure per motive”. This is important in film, and one of the ways shooting film can actually make you a better photographer.

Of course, those new-fangled digital cameras take a pretty good image, too.




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