Congratulations, Awo and Kirk!

Congratulations to Awo and Kirk, who were married at the Blue Route Vineyard Church in Media a couple weekends ago. Awo and Kirk are a wonderful, laid-back couple (i.e., a pleasure to work with), and dang it if Awo didn’t know how to work a camera to death (I’ll try to get the portraits up tomorrow).

The line dancing at the reception was one thing, but what I really loved was the amount of (and here I’m assuming a little bit) Ghanaian music that was played. It’s always refreshing to hear good music you’ve never heard before, and it took me back to my World Music class and ensemble in my college days.

Best wishes to the newlyweds!





  1. We were just looking over our cd photos and remembering how excellent a job you did on our wedding. Thank you for your hardwork and the beautiful memories of our day. We wish you the very best in the upcoming year. Sincerely, Kirk & Awo

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