Lights, Camera.

So here’s one of those shots that looks pretty basic at first, but the more I look at it, the happier I am with it. The pose is nothing special, the setting is pretty nice (under a weeping beech tree that is maybe 150 years old), but the lighting…this is what has me excited.

If you look closely, the couple has sort of glow-y look to them; there’s some rim light, the veil is lit up, etc. There’s a speedlight on a stand directly behind the couple, at about 1/4 power, pointing back toward the camera, adding that effect. It’s subtle, but it is the reason that the image has that pop to it. The ambient light would have been too flat; an umbrella from the front would have perhaps added some shape, but not helped to separate the couple from the background. I’m happy I made the choice that I did: mostly ambient light with a bit of subtle shaping.

Post was pretty simple for this one, too. Exposure was increased a touch on the couple; curves layers accentuated the tree and the texture of the ground. That’s about it.

Also, on a note from my personal life, I am riding a hot streak of eating some pretty good cake. Ask me about the icing I made for my wife’s birthday. Boy howdy. So in that vein, here is a picture of a wedding cake:


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