Be In Love and Forget About The Camera

As I was saying, the wedding this past Saturday featured my favorite kind of light. It’s wonderful when the whole frickin’ sky turns into a softbox for you, and leaves you with nothing to do but shoot natural light as long as the newlyweds will allow (which was about 10 minutes in this case…cocktail hour was in line-of-sight from where we did portraits, so they wanted to get going…)

But that’s not what this post is about; I really just wanted to dodge any responsibility for the lovely quality of light in the above shot. This post is actually about standing in front of a camera.

I recently watched a video in which Joe Buissink talks about how he gets couples to display their emotions during portraits. They key? He doesn’t. at least not really. There isn’t much posing, or directing, just a couple questions about being in love and being married, and then it’s click-click-click, while the natural emotion is bubbling through. I think that’s a good approach.

The bride and groom this weekend were all about ignoring me and just being themselves, and I think there are some greats shots that came out of it. OK, I had her put her hand on her shoulder there, but that’s a small thing. I like the expression on her face here, and that is something that I couldn’t coach or direct. And the groom has pretty much forgotten where he is, too. Great stuff, and I just try to stay silent and work around the scene.



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