Among other things I’ve been doing recently, I’ve been working my way through Piet Van den Eynde’s ebook The Power of Black and White in Adobe Lightroom and Beyond: A Master Class, available through Craft and Vision for a mere $5 (which is a steal). Although much of the book can be a bit redundant in the early chapters if you already know your way around Lightroom, the later chapters offer some very valuable tips on converting color images to black and white…and not just black and white. Stunning black and white. Beyond the expert composition and subjects of the images used as samples, the range and intensity of tones the author gets out of the sample images really is striking.

So I think that I am going to be posting a lot more black and white conversions for now, as I dig into the techniques he’s using to bring shades of grey to very very vibrant life.

I think I did alright on the above image, taken at the previously discussed Nepaug reservoir. editing was done in Lightroom, with ample use of custom brushes to jigger exposure, contrast, clarity, etc. Really wish my lens had been about 5mm wider. Oh well.

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