In The Weeds

I’m trying to remember to stick my photographic nose into more things more often. I’m in a bit of a spell where I’ve been shooting a bit more and therefore have more editing to do and more deadlines to meet, and so it’s not everyday that I pick up the camera and do something just for the exploration of it.

But I had moment today, and my garden really does look best if you don’t take the wide view, so I appreciate the macro-ish capabilities of my Sigma 24-70. It’s not exactly a macro lens really, but you really can get right up in something’s schnozz-piece, and the focusing distance is very friendly.

It is a truism in photography that you are supposed to take a picture every day, just as in writing you should write every day, or in singing you should sing every day. Cliche or not, it really is good practice for spurring the creative juices; there’s no better time to think about photography than when a lens is between you and world. Seeing things that way helps me think beyond my current shot and mull over larger ideas of projects and aesthetics. And even though those things are diversions for me these days, how I play around eventually trickles down to my professional work.

My professional work, by the way, is not gardening. Especially not this year. Zoom and macro helped me avoid the weeds.


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