What If I Ask Nicely?

I had a great time shooting a birthday party this weekend for a returning client’s one-year old son. So, of course, I think one of the best shots from the day is of a woman on the opposite end of the age spectrum. She wasn’t that thrilled with my insistence that she have her portrait taken, but since just about everyone else at the party sat for a posed portrait, she finally put up with my thirty seconds of shooting.

As much as I like this shot, despite its quickly posed and shot nature, the fact that someone planted tulips on this woman’s head is going to irk me. I mean, what a place to plant tulips! If they were sitting on the shelf behind her, I could at least change my position so that they move off to the side. Well.

This was taken with a 24-70mm f2.8, with an SB600 on TTL and pointed straight up. I had to use a pretty wide angle, because the room was small and I was right next to her.

I’ll be putting up a few more images from the party during the week, as editing and my daughter, who is currently undertaking sleep deprivation (partially her, but mostly my sleep, that is), allow.


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