Into The Woods

What you are seeing here is a nephew in a hotbed of honeysuckle invasive speciesness. My brother has about ten acres behind his house, and it’s a great place for this kids to play. A stream, forest, open space, closed space, hills, little valleys. And I thought I grew up with a great yard! My nephew has built his own bow and arrow, and apparently likes charging around down there waging light-hearted war on something evil.

I found shooting down there harder than I thought it would be. While it was an overcast day, the difference in exposure between the sky and the forest floor was huge, and even upping the EV 1.3 or so didn’t really help. Most of my exposures were very uneven while containing both blown highlights and blocked-up shadows. I probably should have fiddled with the flash some more. But I was having too much fun acting like a kid again to worry about it.


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