Surprised To Find It Cold and Fluffy

Boppin’ around in the snow.

Some of you might not care about the day-today trials I face, but I’m going to unburden myself right here and now. All winter–and it’s been a fairly snowy one, here in Philadelphia–I have been trying to get a pair of boots onto my daughter. Big, big parenting fail. Her feet just wouldn’t go into the gorram boots. Thus, no frolicking in the snow with my kid.

Mother-in-law to the rescue! She came up this past weekend and had a ginormous pair of boots (really, rainboots, and for a child either a year older, or with serious scuba-flipper feet) in tow.  They slid right on (and, it turned out, when I picked her up from the snow, they can slide right off, too…), so out into the fresh snow we went.

I took her down to Valley Green last week to feed the ducks for the first time. I set her down on a rocky spot by the banks of the creek, and she stood there, stock-still, not moving her feet even once, for about twenty minutes. Geese and ducks approached, got disconcertingly close, were distracted as I threw bread at them. No movement whatsoever from The Bean. And that’s how it was today. She’s been pointing out the window at the snow all winter, and I finally get her out there to play in it, and…she stands there. Nothing else.

So we stood in the backyard for a good eight minutes, then started to head in, then retrieved the loose boot, then finished heading in.

When you’re shooting someplace like a snowy field, don’t forget to ramp up your exposure compensation; I went with +2.0EV, and shot 1/160 sec at F5.0, on ISO 200. 24mm. Probably could have closed that f-stop down a bit, as it was a bit on the “generously exposed” side. Lightroom with the save!

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