Big Sis

Big sister, little brother. I think this is one of the cuter poses I’ve ever had a two-year old flop over into spontaneously.

Since I’ve been playing with my lights so much, I decided to eschew my natural-light tendencies in doing kids’ portraits, and instead set up a light and a backdrop of sorts and actually do this under semi-studio conditions. Of course the hazards of non-stationary children are more prevalent when the light is in one specific spot, but Big Sister was willing to play along, and Little Brother pretty much has no choice but to be where you put him.

Another challenge here is shooting rate. With natural light, I can just fire away…eight frames per second means I’d better be able to catch a moment or two during a shoot. But when you have to wait for lights to recycle, well…I spend more time waiting for those moments to opo up, and hoping that an expression will stick around for more than a second or two. Luckily, Big Sis got a kick out of having her picture taken.

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