Take The Elevator To The Top Floor

I don’t often find myself inspired, at the spur of the moment, to take cityscape shots on clear days with brilliant blue skies and perfect lighting. Even at the “golden hour” of the evening–and believe me, Philadelphia has a brilliant one this time of year–and the way the city lights up when looking at it in the gloaming from the west, I never think to myself, ‘Now there’s an image I’d like to have.” There’s something too glossy about it.

Far more interesting to me in a visual sense are the days when the city is partially obscured, hidden by fog or clouds or precipitation, and the buildings just sort of drift off into nothingness as they rise above the streets. I don’t know if ominous is the word I want to use for how the buildings look when they have their heads softly chopped off, but it’s just somehow more interesting, more not-what-it-always-is.


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