In Which I Find a Way to Work in the Word “Crepuscularity”

Posting the shot of the reflection of City Hall last week brought back to mind this shot, taken last summer in the pre-blog days. I thought it might be nice to bring it back from the dreaded middle of my Flickr photostream where I’m not sure anyone ever ventures.

One of the aphorisms of photography is that, if you want to take better pictures, you should stand in front of more interesting things. The bridge in this shot is the Roosevelt Expressway as it crosses the Schuykill River in East Falls, and according to a plaque on the far side of the river, it was named the Most Beautiful Concrete Bridge of some year in the ’60s when I hope for the world’s aesthetic sake there were only four or five of them built. One bridge officially recognized for its concrete beauty, one photographer, and there you go. Interesting picture.

So this little micro-theme I’m following is about reflections, and this is a reflection, too. If you look at what looks like the reflection in the water, you’ll see it’s actually much sharper than the subject, because that’s neither a reflection nor on the water. Not only is this a reflected image; it’s also a 25-second exposure, which is why there isn’t much texture to the water, and it looks like there’s all manner of debris blowing around in fun little swirls.

No ND filter needed; I got up very, very a.m. to shoot this, and the only light is the ambient crepuscularity.


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