The Mothership Has Arrived And It Needs a Paint Job

I don’t get out to shoot everyday, unfortunately, so when I do go out, I try to organize the keepers and plan a few days in advance for posting here. That usually works out just fine, but then along comes someone else who posts a shot before me, and makes it look like I totally bogarted the idea from him. Mr. Carollo and I interact occasionally on Twitter, so hopefully he is understanding.

Not that shooting reflections is all that novel; it does emphasize a point, though, about where you are pointing your camera. Often, the more visually interesting shots aren’t seen straight ahead (unless you are at an interesting event or place), but rather up or down. Or upside down. Good photography comes from a good ability to see, and taking shots of things like puddles, or shooting straight up the side of a building or an icicle gives us the chance to see in a way that is atypical…and because it is atypical, the image can be fresher.

City Hall itself is nice-looking, but I’m the kind of person who takes “nice” as an insult when it’s used to describe an image. The games pieces in the municipal building’s plaza are kind of playful, I guess, but they’re just sort of scattered about in such a way that I can’t discern much design about it…. By looking down rather than out, though, you can find a way to combine these two mneh images into something that has a bit more visual interest.

I have a couple other reflection images kicking around that I’ll pull out in the next couple days; some are more interesting than others, but all offer a type of natural “manipulation” (oh, here we go again…) of the image that, even if the subject itself is somewhat pedestrian, offers a new way to think about what and how we see.


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  1. Fantastic pictures, sir! As a fellow Philadelphian and photographer, I often find it tricky to grab that unique angle to show something so familiar in a new light. Keep them coming! Well done.

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