Perspective can be everything in photography. You can walk around with your camera at eye-level, taking pictures that look exactly like what you see. And there is certainly value in that. But it’s a concrete value.

Or, you could try to wedge yourself between a rock overhang and the icicles hanging down in front of it, point your camera up, ignore the old couple walking past on the trail staring at you quizzically, and get your shot. I love how this one plays with a sense of scale. In actuality, this is a very small scene; I’m right underneath it, using a macro lens close to wide as wide as it can get (26mm), stopped at f9, so that there is some semblance of a deep field. But the result, is, to a certain extent, ambiguously scaled. I think this is more obviously ice than the last couple of ice shots I posted, but I think it still maintains some amount of abstraction.

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