The Eclipse

More diligent bloggers have doubtless posted videos like this and then moved on, but my timeframe is always about a week behind. The video is of the solstice eclipse last (very early) Tuesday morning, and was taken with my little Samsung camcorder that I sometimes love to death and sometimes feel like throwing into the Gulf Stream. I would have shot the video with my D300s, but with my longest lens being 200mm, I wouldn’t have been able to shoot anything of much use.

So with a tripod, a hat, a coat, some superior winter gloves, three layers, and a luxuriously thick woolen blanket, I climbed out of my third floor window onto the roof and into 25 degree weather with 30 mph wind gusts to film an astronomical event that hadn’t happened in quite some time. At, like, 2:00 a.m. And it really was beautiful.

I think the Samsung did alright, save for the autofocus issues it had when the eclipse neared totality and things got pretty dim. I’m certain my camera did better than the cameras of the nut-meats who came out at 2:30 and took hand-held, point-and-click flash shots of the eclipse.

The moon ought to consider an historical eclipse during the summer solstice. While I enjoyed the peace and quiet of sitting above the city filming a phenomenon that took more than an hour to unfold, the icy wind in the face and every crevice of clothing I hadn’t consciously thought about was a bit of a drag. But in the scheme of things, it was an enjoyable and memorable couple of hours, focused on something I think is truly beautiful.


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