The Family’s Newest Photographer

The above image might, one day, prove historically significant.

My daughter celebrated her first birthday recently. She’s already walking around, climbing stairs, getting into anything and everything that is either directly or indirectly dangerous, calling me “Mama” and just about everything else “gong”, and learning how to manipulate objects. This is not to compare myself and my wife to manipulable objects. But one thing my daughter loves doing is pushing buttons, and I mean that literally, not figuratively yet. Watching television has become a back and forth battle between how quickly she can get to the tv stand and press the channel buttons and how quickly I can either stop her from doing that, or undo her doings via remote. Quite a hoot and not at all tiring.

She has also been increasingly interested in all the buttons on my camera. She used to just run at the lens and try her best to smudge it. Now, she walks up to my side, sticks out a little finger, and just starts trying to press things. Mostly, this is white balance and ISO adjustments, which I think is pretty advanced stuff for a one-year old. This last week, she walked up to my other side, and found the shutter button. With her Aunt Amy perched on the piano bench enjoying a pre-Thanksgiving glass of wine, my daughter snapped off her first-ever photograph.

Sure, I was holding the camera, and autofocus was on and whatnot, but I’m still counting that as her first shot. What was more amazing was watching her edit it in Lightroom. Kids these days! They grow up so quickly.

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