Six Billion People? Maybe On I-495

Also on the subject of time-sensitivity, the day before Halloween, the fam trooped down to Washington, DC for a day of sitting in traffic, yelling at stationary cars, not going anywhere on roads designed for speed and ease of travel, and sitting in traffic. There was also a rally or something. Some guy on TV said there were six billion people there, although I think that number might be a bit inflated.

All I know is that when I was in the middle of the crowd, there were lots of people in front of me, and lots of people behind me, and even at that point in the crowd, we were far enough from the stage that we could see nothing and hear nothing, except for when Ozzy came out and “Crazy Train” came on.

But it was a freaking beautiful day to be out on the Mall, and the crowd was, as advertised, sane. Insofar as you can walk around the nation’s capitol in a robot suit and still be considered sane.

We also took a turn though the African art museum, which, although small and under construction, had some really interesting work and a gorgeous garden. Then we met up with Kristen’s brother and his wife. All in all, it was great people watching.

Thanks to our friends in Maryland for providing a pit stop and some wicked ribs on the way home. In the following shot, my wife is not actually yanking on a three-year old’s hair.



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