I’ll Have To Re-Evaluate My Use Of “X eats rocks” As An Insult

Jeepers…One gets busy, and one loses a month. When I have the time to blog, it seems I don’t think of anything to blog about. When I have a good thought, it’s usually when blogging is 11th on a list of 14 things to get done, and when alphabetizing the cook books, folding and putting away the collared summer shirts, sweeping the basement, and one more thing have to be put on hold, well….You get what we have here.

Which is a backlog. Which will take a couple days to clear up.

I suppose I should do the time-sensitive material first; lenses can be written up anytime, right?

So yesterday was the daughter’s first Halloween, and like parents everywhere, overtaken by the Dark Arts once a year, we sourced a bright orange pumpkin getup from a neighbor and stuffed the poor little kid into it, much to the merriment of everyone around. The kid herself was stoic. She’s funny like that: she’ll just fall over laughing if you walk up to her, open your mouth, and say “Ahhhhhh!” Stuff her into a goofy and not just a little bit saggy orange spheroid, and she has the same reaction as when it’s suddenly 1:43 in the afternoon.

I’m used to kids being uncooperative when they have a camera trained on them. My daughter likes best to lunge for the camera and try to lick whatever part her head ends up nearest to. But she pulled a new one yesterday: rather than going for the camera, when I set her down and backed away to snap a couple shots, she bent down down, picked up a rock, and started chewing on that.

The expression on her face just kills me. I can hear it now: Me: “Why did you do it? Did your friends put you up to it? Why?” She: “I was just bored. That’s all.”

Later in the evening, it did what it does…it got dark, and I had a chance to try out the D300s in what is known professionally as crappy lighting. At ISO 1250, with a 24-70mm 2.8 which I will talk about later, the noise wasn’t awful, and with Lightroom 3.2’s noise reduction, I think at least one usable image was captured.


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