DIY Hayrides

This past Sunday I shot a very cool birthday party. Mostly, I call it cool because I’m a sucker for a hayride, and the birthday girl’s dad had rigged up his lawn tractor and a small trailer to give hayrides through a small meadow on the family’s property.

I’m jealous for a few reasons: (1) Their property is big enough to be able to reasonably use the word “meadow” to describe what is beyond the fence (2) he has a tractor to toodle around the meadow in, and (3) I didn’t actually get to go on a hayride, but instead just sort of lurked about in the tall grass to document it all, on occasion running after the wagon, which I think the kids thought a bit eccentric. There was a moon bounce as well, and pumpkin painting, as well as the requisite cake (which was a ridiculously good chocolate number).

So many fun shots from this party…I really wish I could post a few more without making this page longer that the distance from the back door to the far edge of the meadow. Maybe a few more in a couple days. Anyway, Happy Birthday, and thanks for the cake!


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