Yeah. I know it’s actually “fashion”, but following along the lines of Futzin’ and Flugen, well…

Last night I was out at the bebe store in the King of Prussia Mall for Fashion’s Night Out, a nation-wide event of shopping and fashion promotion. The basic deal was you stand in front of the step-n-repeat (tutorial if you don’t know what that is: it’s the logo-laden backdrop you see things like interviews in front of, or the background in the shot below), I take your picture, and then it goes on bebe’s Facebook pages for you to tag your image and enter for a chance to win a gift certificate.

It was interesting to see how the crowd changed over the night, perhaps at least partly on account of the occasional free cocktail found here and there about the mall. At 6:30, it was murder trying to get people to have their picture taken. At 8:30, I was having to work quickly to keep up, and the customers were just a bunch more jovial at that time. Not to imply that the earlier customers weren’t nice people…it’s just that at points their demeanor and facial expressions suggested they didn’t understand they were only going to get shot with a camera.

Wicked-Young MC

The store also had a pretty good DJ (pictured above only by way of the red plaid shirt tail) who kept up a nice vibe in the store, and he was even nice enough to (a) let the little tuber above get in a little scratchin’, and (b) explain to me (probably about eight years after I really should have known this) how it is that DJs pull music off computers while still being able to scratch and mix and do all that DJ stuff that I think is cool but I don’t understand even after good explanation.

Good times were had…thanks go out to bebe’s staff and all the customers who dropped by.


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