New Toys!

The new camera showed up today.

I want to think that I’m one of those people who insists that great pictures can be taken with lesser gear and better technique. In fact, I think I have insisted on that in the past. But then things like the D300s show up, and after just a few clicks of shutter, I was forced to sit back, grab a fistful of hair, and rue all the wasted time.

Now, I can’t claim to know this camera well at this point. But the controls are so intuitive, and all the functions I used to have to plow through menus to get to are right at the surface, often with dedicated controls. Right out of the box, with minimal tweaking, it takes images that are just clear as all get-out and vibrant to boot. I am duly impressed.

I haven’t had the chance to get any images out of the camera yet, but I will, and they’ll be here. Coming up this weekend, we have a couple friends in town, one of whom is about four months old, and both she and my daughter and going to get sick of the camera by midday Saturday or I’m doing something wrong.

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