Headshots and the Scooter Maven

I had quite a nice time last night up in Bucks County shooting some portraits for a very nice family. As I was driving up, the last of the clouds were parting, the sun was getting itself into just the perfect position, and the light all around was just wonderful. Wide-open fields, white fences turned golden in the early evening light…you know the stuff. I was pretty excited. Then I drove into the woods.

All was not lost. We found a nice patch of sunlight over in the corner of the yard to start, and we made do with very nice ambient light and my speed light. In between shots, Mom ran up to her daughter and applied, ever-more urgently, ever-increasing amounts of bug spray. The mosquitoes were brutal and I’m pretty sure I donated a pint to mother nature.

After the shoot, a mosquito the size of an Irish wolf hound landed nearby, burped, and said, “Thanks for the dinner,” its voice tinged by an accent I couldn’t quite place. I would have swatted it, but I think I would have needed a license for something that size.

The younger brother, who I’ll just call The Scooter Maven, was also swarming around, getting in some good scooter time, getting in some shots, getting up in the air. Ah, the last days of summer.

Fun family to shoot for–thanks a bunch for the opportunity!


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