I Dare You To Ask Me About the Traffic Jam

Wow. check out the barrel distortion on that one! If anyone has a truck and would like to help me out by crushing my 18-55mm lens, please contact me at MyKitLensReallyGetsItsNoseRightInThereAndSucksIt@…oh, whatever. I’m just angry that vacation is over. For maybe the first time ever, the vacation seemed to just go on and on. Not in a sitting-on-a-hot-stove-for-a-minute kind of way; it really was enjoyable, and just seemed to never end. Until the traffic jam yesterday. But I’ll focus on the positives.

I tried to photograph lightning Wednesday night, and it was a shameful failure. But then there was a storm with really wonderful clouds just off the coast, so I had to get my meteorological ya-yas out with that.

You can’t see her here, but my wife (and my mother…and maybe even my daughter, although it’s difficult to tell what form her cognition takes) is making fun of me for lying down on stomach in the wet sand to photograph shells. Whatever.

When I look at this image, it almost makes me want to not smash that 18-55 into the types of pieces surrounding the shells here. But it’s not healthy to think that way. There will be a day when my finances allow me to outgrow this silly piece of optic glass. That will be sooner rather than later.

My other lenses don’t disappoint me. Not at all.


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