Congratulations, Spencer and Melissa!

Congratulations to Spencer and Melissa, who got married on the beach on Tuesday. I am increasingly a fan of fun ceremonies like this one…a little (ok, a lot) informal, outside, not such a big to-do, yet everyone is still so into it and is there to celebrate the couple. I’m glad I’ve gotten to know the Josephs through my wife’s family. Great people.

So the official photographer walks up to me just before Melissa walks down from the beach house. She looks at me and says, “You’re shooting what? Oh. A Nikon.” And I’m quite sure she sneers at this point, holding her two Canons out in front of her. Yeah, it’s a Nikon, and not only that, it’s a D40, woman.

But I am able to salvage some self-respect when she pops up her on-board flash as I turn on my very impressive looking speedlight. On-board flash? And you’re sneering at me for using a Nikon? Well now I’m just having a hard time taking you seriously.

Qualification: I haven’t seen her shots. I’m quite sure she is more qualified and able than I am. But I had just as much, fun, and dollars to donuts, I ate more cake than she did. Thanks to the happy couple for letting me practice shooting in blinding mid-day sun.

The lens is my 55-200, with a circular polarizer to try to tame the light coming off the sand and water. I think some of these shots are pretty good.

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