Evening Fell

I can’t promise this will be the last of the Ferry Fest Posts.

Some of my favorite shots from last weekend were ones taken in irresponsibly low light. My camera really starts to fall apart at ISO 800, so I should learn to stop; these aren’t the cleanest pictures you’ll ever see me take. But that’s not really the point. Photographs in great light tend to look just that way…great. In low light, I find that I have to search more for what to shoot…just the right moment, or an expression that can be implied by a few simple lines.

So whether it is light cast from a glow-stick…or the the glow from a fire…or the outline of a wife…or gettin’ down in the second-hand light of the stage…I think these are more memorable, and more fun, than shots of cute kids in good light (not to disparage).


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