New Toys!

Just arrived…well, there’s a couple things just arrived. One is four beers that I was writing up for a new beer blog I am contributing to (so new, in fact, that I don’t know the name of it yet, nor the address, so I can’t link it up). The other thing is an SB600 speed light, softbox, and remote TTL cable. One (me) can get so used to the immutable determinism of onboard flashes, even given as flexible as they can be on even a semi-decent dSLR (D40, I’m talking to you). I’ve only had the light for a day, so it’s not as if I could rationally expect to have it do my bidding yet, but I have definitely scratched my head more often than usual today, which really means that having this new gear is pushing me to think more about how I shoot. Which is a good thing.
The shot above has the softbox camera right; the shot below is ambient light. After I opened Lightroom, I licked both images to see how they tasted. Vaguely plasticky, sort of like I always imagined Lightroom would taste. The I opened one of the beers (Sierra Nevada), and it tasted as good as I always remembered. See? Digital imaging isn’t the best thing ever.

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